The 10 Core Values of KENTECH

Judgment: Make wise decisions despite ambiguity. think strategically and articulate goals.


Communication: Communicate clearly and concisely. Maintain calm and poise in stressful situations.


Impact: Accomplish large amounts of important work. high performance focus on results rather than process.


Curiosity: Learn eagerly and rapidly. Contribute effectively outside of your specialty.


Innovation: Generate ideas and results that exceed expectations and delight customers.


Courage: Make tough decisions without agonizing.


Passion: Inspire others with your drive for excellence. Care intensely about the Company’s success.


Honesty: Admit your mistakes quickly.


Selflessness: Make time to help colleagues. share information openly and proactively.


Live life: People who know the meaning of "work hard/play hard", who like to laugh and have fun at work, consider their co-workers to be friends.