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With KENTECH's employee background checking solutions we bring clarity from chaosseamlessly supplying you with valuable insight about your candidates and employees. Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. We understand that every second count when attracting top talent. Let KENTECH provide the proper screening to ensure you are selecting the best.



Employment Background Checking Solutions

We understand that recruiting the best talent for your organization requires having the right tools at your disposal that removes barriers for you and your candidate all while maintaining compliance. KENTECH helps you remove these barriers by focusing on the following key areas:



    Cut expense without cutting corners. No Hidden Fees.
    Whether utilizing our highly secure web portal to order and retrieve results or streamline integration with enterprise ATS systems  we boast one of the highest turnaround times in the industry; on average 48 hours or less.
    We offer access to billions of records from sex offender registries, criminal history files, government watch lists, international searches, courthouse searches, motor vehicle reports, name and address histories, and much more to both small (15 employees) and large government institutions (4,000+).
    Your solutions oriented partner to ensure that you are in line with (or better yet—a step ahead of) industry best practices. Our background screening solutions consists of award winning customer service to ensure you are pulling data that is compliant.


No matter the size of your business or organization, we offer a configurable and streamlined solution to meet your needs. With advanced technology, data sources and customer support, we help uncover potential delinquent applicants through our comprehensive screenings.  There is no better single source screening solution to help you with your next steps to hire.


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