Consumer Disclosure and Dispute Request Form

At KENTECH, we’re committed to accuracy, transparency, and promoting fairness in the hiring process. Sometimes, though, the information reported by county courts, credit reporting agencies, and other sources contains errors. However as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA),  KENTECH is committed to FCRA practices of full disclosure to consumers as well as providing our clients with the most accurate and up to date information available. 

If you would like a free copy of your report or believe that our report incorrectly states what the public records show, you can have us re-investigate our report please complete the convenient Consumer Disclosure Request & Reinvestigation Form. You may submit your request via:

  • email

  • mail KENTECH Attn:Consumer Disclosure & Dispute Department, 520 W Erie Suite 3 4 0 Chicago, IL 60654

  • fax 312-276-8989

When submitting, please include the following documents so that we may provide you the most complete and expedited response.

  • This signed Request for Request or Reinvestigation Form

  • Copy of a government issued picture identification

    Court documents supporting any requested changes (if applicable)