Background Screening

Conducting background screening on your applicants that are being considered for hire is a great way to make sure that your company is making the right decision. By screening your candidate  for criminal, educational backgrounds can ensure you that the person matches his/ her resume and application.

Today more than 86% of all companies are implementing this standard to make sure that their candidate is a good fit with the proper background and educational references to match the job qualifications. 

Background Screening can show you: 

  • Educational Verification - Make sure your candidate has the proper and education. We take the time and will call and verify that your candidate has all the educational credentials being reported.
  • County Criminal Search - Shows candidates legal records at the county level. This is where we shine. We have investigators that will ACTUALLY go to the county courthouses and research you candidates. This is important on a background screening because not all courts are updated in real time and can take months to update their databases.
  • State Criminal Search - Will show candidates criminal record at multiple state levels. If your candidate has moved from state to state or even within different counties within the state their screening might not be accurate. With state level background screening you can see any activities within that state.
  • Credit Reports - Shows candidates credit rating and past history. Some positions require candidates to have a credit check (Local Laws Apply). We check with all three credit companies and even with the courts in this background screening for any bankruptcy and credit past history.
  • Sex Offender Search - Yes this would show up in a criminal background screening but not all companies need a complete background screening and we do offer this and many other reports Ala- Carte.

Implementing a Background screening policy within your business will keep your employees safe, and your liability down to a minimum.

The standard scope for the county criminal search is seven years, with extended searches available in some jurisdictions. These searches depend on the limited availability of archived records, state laws, and Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations.

Small businesses often forgo candidate background checks for one of two reasons. The first is the false sense of security and trust that small business owners develop working closely with their employees. The second is that most business owners don't understand the legal liabilities associated with candidate screening and background checks.

Any business in which employees interact with or provide a direct service to customers, such as daycare or contractors, is liable if an employee does harm to a customer and it turns out that the employee had a previous history of wrongdoing. A small or medium-sized business may never recover from such a lawsuit.

You may also find that your insurance provider offers a discount on coverage if you do background checks when hiring your employees.

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