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Financial Investigative Due Diligence

Financial institutions face a number of challenges when conducting business in the modern landscape of tightened regulation and increased market risk. Business models and service areas vary greatly within the industry, but all depend on the ability to make informed and safe decisions.



When should you use Asset IQ

  • For Supply Chain Screening
  • Mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures
  • Due diligence checks on intermediaries such as agents, distributors, consultants and advisers
  • Ensure vendor compliance

Questions to Evaluate

  • What about the vendors that you hired to help?
  • Are they within compliance?
  • Have they done background checks on their employees?
  • Take the risk and questions out of bringing in a supplemental workforce with Asset IQ.
  • Asset IQ allows you customize the different screening processes that meets your company's needs.

Why use Asset IQ?

  • Promotes vendor compliance with screening policies
  • Fast Results - So you can hire a qualified vendor quickly
  • Ensure vendor compliance
  • Contractors put in all the information you require - saving you time

Our analysts are experienced and trained in due diligence techniques to gather the right information accurately and quickly.

Minimum Vendor Background Searches suggested

  • County Criminal Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Government Watch List Search