International Employment Background check

Foreign countries have laws in place to protect the privacy of their people. Those laws can be challenging to manage and can make it difficult to fulfill a candidate's employment screening process. This could cause companies to lose qualified cadidates who fit the company's needs.

Has your company hired local employees that fit simply because international background checks were too hard to complete?

Our investigators are experienced in making sure to comply with specific country laws and regulations and obtaining the information you need. KENTECH will make sure that legal and cultural issues are met and exceeded with care to ensure that your company will obtain the most updated information on your candidate.

Non-U.S. based background check challenges are unique to every country and jurisdiction. These challenges include a prevalence of paper-based records with scant access to electronic records, legal and cultural obstacles, differences in records repository structures, variations in records accessibility policies, as well as restrictions on cross-border movement of private, sensitive information.

Our growing research network includes more than 350 overseas professionals in 150 countries, and is comprised of compliance and data security experts that help ensure your program is not at risk for negligent hiring.


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