Who We are


Headquartered in Chicago, IL, KENTECH is an award winning investigative background checking company that provides extensive background  solutions throughout the United States of America.

Top 5 fastest growing security company in America

We pride ourselves on

  • We have among the fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • We deliver a broad portfolio of background investigations for employees, contractors and candidates to federal and state governments, as well as commercial enterprises
  • We use certified secure facilities , and our staff hold various security clearances
  • Our customer service and support team takes pride in delivering timely, accurate investigations

We are the creators of innovative projects such as arrestfree.com - 1st identity theft detection system of its kind, C.L.E.A.R (Criminal Link Exchange and Reporting) and collegescreen.com a flexible pay college screening product for colleges and universities
. We hold a provisional patent on our technology services and contributing author to "Background and Screening Investigations"book published by Elesvier in 2008.