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KENTECH is your partner to provide investigative solutions. KENTECH Government Solutions is a leading provider of investigative and security related services to some of the largest law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Our growing nationwide staff of seasoned professionals comes from the security, law enforcement, legal and investigative communities. 



Improve your agencies' time to hire up to 10x's faster using our unique blend of high tech and high touch candidate background investigations. Reduce costs by using our proven investigative solutions offered to public agencies save up to 50% on cost and manpower.


Improving the experience

Increase candidate retention using a seamless investigative process that improves your candidate's hiring experience. We created a process that is linear and comprehensive.

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Proven capabilities

Partner with a national experienced investigative firm used by some of the largest public agencies across the U.S. to stave off attrition and address their large hiring demands. It is our priority to be professional and committed to excellence that allows our products to be on budget and compliant with industry practices.



One of our Investigative Specialists will show you how KENTECH can help you with your screening and risk management needs today.

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