C.O.P.S. (Criminal Offender Profile Summary)

Every background check should include a search through the national criminal database. At KENTECH we provide a Criminal Offender Profile Summary (C.O.P.S.) from this database. This search enhances other searches, like employment history or identity traces, with a nationwide reach to find criminal history for an employee or candidate.

C.O.P.S. pulls information from millions of records from thousands of jurisdictions, including databases with terrorist and sex offender information.

We recommend this search because it may reveal criminal records on your employee or candidate, and it allows you to search beyond state and counties where the subject has worked, lived or attended school.

C.O.P.S. reports examine:

  • Criminal records from state record repositories and some county and township courts
  • Departments of correction and probation
  • Sex offender registries
  • Information from state-level agencies and the FBI
  • Local, state and federal fugitive lists

We recommend this search in conjunction with additional county and state-wide searches for the most comprehensive information:

County Criminal History Search

State Criminal History Search

Federal Criminal History Search


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