Professional License Verification

Professional and vendor license screenings are a critical part of a company or organization is hiring for a position that requires a license or requires that a vendor meets specific criteria. Without knowing if their license is valid, expired, and suspended or the right type of license can leave your company open for negligent hiring claims, costing your company thousands if not more dollars.

Most online companies that offer to check professional licensing only have programs that check databases, and if the agency that issued specific licensing is not current updating their database then your reports can come back with invalid information.

KENTECH offers the hands on approach and makes sure that the reports that you need and want are accurate and current. There may be times that the applicant does not provide complete name, license number, license type, and issuing agency information, it is often difficult or impossible to verify the license. While some agency records are available online, many others are only available through telephone, fax, emailed, or mailed requests. KENTECH will make sure that all areas of the investigation is completed.

Professions that should check licensing:

  • Contractors
  • Medical
  • Nursing
  • Aviation
  • Accounting
  • Attorney
  • Plumbing
  • Teachers
  • Pharmacists


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