Self-Service Order Processing using 

Rapid Applicant Center (RAC)

The RAC allows your candidates to post their own information and order background checks themselves. Our convenient, secure solution saves your staff time and streamlines your screening process. The RAC is a flexible and customizable solution that ensures your users’ experience is seamless.

The CVC is an optional add-on to the Employment Verification Program (EVP)—they work together to make the screening process fast and easy.


How Does the RAC Work?

There are limitless ways RAC helps you streamline applicant intake:

  • Custom Portal - Candidates log on to your custom-built website to enter their information so your administrative staff won’t have to.
  • Email Notification - Simplify the process by emailing your candidate from within your KENTECH employment verification Program (EVP). Your candidate receives a link to complete the data entry while the system handles the rest

The RAC is flexible. Your candidates can complete their orders start to finish. Or you can order background checks for them with just a click.

Optional alert emails keep you informed of each candidate’s progress. You’ll receive notification when a candidate posts their information and when background screening results are returned. Log on anytime to view the results.


Features & Benefits

Custom User Interface

We can tailor the look and feel of your RAC to match your brand identity. Customize the functionality of the data entry form, too. Optional form fields and rules can be turned on and off as needed.

Online Release Form

Signed release forms can be a hassle to collect. KENTECH, with our cutting-edge online release form, makes it painless. The e-signature feature captures each candidate’s authentic signature and IP address using MD-5 security controls.

Candidate Management Tools

Organize and display a list of candidates that have completed the data entry form. Track events and correspondence, view related documents and order background checks.

Verification Management Tools

Organize and display a list of candidates that with pending background check orders. Track real-time statistical events, archive candidate-related documents, view partial or completed reports, and access statements and invoices.


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