RISC helps organizations quickly interpret screening results at a glance. Our reports can be color-coded to serve as visual que on what reports that may require closer scrutiny.  RISC can bet setup to reflect the screening criteria that matters most to your organization. This time-saving feature can be customized per you specification that makes reviewing reports a snap.

How Do I Use RISC?

Once a background report is complete, we assign color codes to individual background checks within the report according to the criteria you set. For example green defines no reportable records found, Yellow for discrepancies and red perhaps for major flags. At a glance, our RISC tool can identify which candidates are most qualified.


Add Report Scoring to:

  • Simplify the report reviewing process
  • Have one consistent, unified system for evaluating candidates
  • Quickly identify critical information in a background report
  • Reduce liability and costly hiring mistakes
  • Make it easier to observe trends and perform process assessments over time

Along with individual background check scores, your report will include a summarized score based on the highest-ranked background check score. For example, a report contains three background checks. One is scored green, the second is scored yellow and the third is scored red. The summarized score will be red.


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