Social Media Intelligence

Intelligence gathering from social media sites from open and closed social networks through cyber and digital analysis.

Our social media search utilizes a mix of high-tech proprietary technology and high touch trained analysts to provide insight into a candidate social media profile. We search over 100+ different mediums.

Our Benefits

  • Legal compliance
  • Can provide continuous monitoring
  • Fast Turnaround (3 days or less)


Our social media search includes first capturing web and publicly available social media data. The data is then analyzed by our case analyst to identify client established concerns.

The concerns can include:

  • Honesty (posting about employment, academic claims)
  • Community (racial, misogynistic languages, acts, etc.)
  • Criminality (pics performing criminal acts, drugs brandishing weapons)
  • Liability (Excessive Partying, risky behavior, complaints from users in a user forum)
  • Financial Corruption (selling illegal goods, illegal online gambling)
  • Allegiance (acts that would question a candidate allegiance to country)


We comply with federal compliance by redacting all protected class information.


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