Unified Bulk Screening (UBS)

Allows you to screen high-volume compiled lists of candidates on a single or recurring project basis. It’s easy and efficient. We’ve tailored this solution to organizations that need annual and recurring searches or that rely on quick turnaround for unexpected audits and staffing requests.

Bulk Screening Helps You:

  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry for order processing. Shave off an average of 5 minutes per order.
  • Improve quality by eliminating routine data entry errors.
  • Export all candidate background check reports based on your needs. 


How does Unified Bulk Screening work?

The first step is to submit a list of all candidates and their required information. The list is then imported into your Employment Verification Program Account for processing.

Log into your EVP account anytime to track the progress of bulk orders and review up-to-the-minute results. As an add-on option, you can receive a consolidated report that displays all screening results at once, as well as results that contain discrepancies. On this consolidated report, information is easy to filter and sort, so you can quickly respond to areas needing your attention.


Unified Bulk Screening is ideal for:

  • Companies with policies requiring scheduled candidate background checks (e.g.: annual drug tests, driving checks, current county criminal checks and professional license checks).
  • Contracting companies that must meet defined contractor background screening requirement in order to work on a newly acquired client site.
  • Entities with many employees using company vehicles and who require annual verification audits.
  • Entities with government or other contracts requiring annual background check updates.
  • Entities that have not previously run background checks on their employees/contractors and have implemented a new screening policy or process.
  • Entities recruiting and staffing a large number of seasonal employees in a short period of time.
  • Organizations that screen staff members as a group on a recurring basis.
  • Companies needing to manage unexpected employee audits from government entities and/or insurance carriers.


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