Background checks are a vital component in the hiring process for any job. A background check can give management an idea of what kind of person the applicant is when making a hiring decision. Investigating more in-depth into a person before employing an applicant provides early indicators of possible deception that employers should further examine.

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Further investigation into a candidate's self-reported experience and credentials allow for employers to check for accuracy. Having this process done before hiring an job applicant could potentially save an agency from embarrassment, money, and lawsuits. Background checks allow those in law enforcement administration peace of mind.

For example, when law enforcement agencies look into a candidate’s background history, they check into a few different things. Police agencies use background checks to search further into someone’s criminal history, drug usage, driving record, credit history, association with others, and verifying other various information. It is crucial that background checks are thorough particularly for candidates we are entrusting to serve and protect others. Knowing background information helps management to filter out any dangerous, irresponsible, dishonest, or directly not suitable for hire individuals. Pre-employment checks fulfill due diligence and avoid liability.

A person’s criminal history can give an early indicator if a person is untrustworthy, violent, or even a sexual predator. To conduct proper due diligence, one must ensure that a prospective applicant does not have a history that could create a significant safety hazard that may create a dangerous work environment.

An applicant’s association with others is an essential aspect of a background check, especially for law enforcement. Someone may have possible criminal affiliations (street gangs, terrorists, criminal organizations). These kinds of associations may lead to questionable moral ethics or negative influence in the workplace.

A previous employment check filters out individuals who may have left on bad terms with a company. It could possibly shed light on theft, violence, harassment, or even vandalism in extreme cases. In more common cases, employment checks simply verify an applicant was an employee at the mentioned organization.

Abusive drug usage found in a person's past or present can assist in maintaining a zero-tolerance drug policy. This check can display information that may flag an applicant who has past charges such as possession, use or distribution.

Bad credit history is an indicator in a person’s background check that law enforcement agencies pay closer attention to than a corporate hiring manager. If a person has bad credit one may associate this to poor decision making in regards to finances and an increased  possibility of being more susceptible to bribes when on the force. Usually what gives a red flag for credit reports coming back as poor is lack of paying off student loans, credit cards, car loans, or mortgages.

Verifying information provided is essential when conducting pre-employment background checks. It may be common for an applicant to bolster their resumes in hopes of increasing their odds of being hired. Certain professions may require specific degrees and certifications for an applicant to have obtained to perform the job and abide by the law.

In summary, it is essential to hire the right person for the job at the beginning. Knowing someone’s background gives a fuller picture of that applicant. Background checks provide a clear view to either confirm the representation a person is portraying or quickly recognize the facade.

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