Seventy real cops, the police band, police cats, helicopters, and stunts were used to encourage a diverse group of the New Zealand community to join the force.

“Do you care enough to be an cop?” That is what the New Zealand Police force is asking the public in their most recent recruitment video. Leaving an impression on not only New Zealand citizens but international audiences as well. Displaying diversity, humor, and career possibilities - New Zealand PD check off every box in successfully creating interest in police work. Below we will explore some of the crucial factors that police agencies should consider when creating their recruitment videos.


Combining action, adventure, and humor in one video allows viewers to digest information easier. Since having uploaded their video on November 25th, 2017 the headlines read out “the most entertaining recruitment video yet!”. 6 million views and counting, it has undoubtedly earned that title. The video embodies the elements of what everyone imagines officers to represent: positivity. Filming 70 real sworn in officers it feels more authentic. The officers in the video challenge viewers to look further into a career in policing. Three main factors promote this recruitment tool to capture the attention of millions.


Gender Inclusive Language:

The writers made the language fluid throughout the entirety of the recruitment video. The language used was universal for different genders and cultures to be able to discuss reasons as to why viewers should consider a career in policing. Small details like language usage play dominant roles in decision making. Language is the most reliable tool that can be used to recruit potential candidates. The New Zealand law enforcement department had accomplished this.

nz police (1).png

Gender Inclusivity:

Beginning with an opening shot of a police raid with the charge led by a female officer subtly makes a point that women qualify to be officers. The scene disproves the argument that women are not physically capable of handling police work. It goes on to reject the idea of double standards when it further showcases women performing above average physically in stressful situations. The video montages from officer to officer male-female-male-female constantly with officers demonstrating impressive physical abilities.



In a previous blog post, KENTECH made mention of how law enforcement needs to enhance diversity efforts. New Zealand effortlessly does this with having officers of various cultural backgrounds included in the video. The officers stand together as a unit working in tangent with one another. It was also discussed in the video how there are over 30 different types of policing careers showing a diverse range of options to choose from.